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The characteristics of Siertai automobile drive shaft
发布时间:2021.04.23 新闻来源:邢台远拓汽车零部件制造有限公司

Steyr series of heavy duty trucks according to the different drive form to choose different types of transmission shaft. Generally speaking, a 4×2 drive car has only one main drive shaft. The 6×4 transmission type car consists of a middle drive shaft, a main drive shaft and a middle and rear axle drive shaft. The 6×6 drive type car not only has the middle drive shaft, the main drive shaft and the middle and rear axle drive shaft, but also has the front axle drive shaft. The intermediate drive shaft of a long wheelbase vehicle is generally provided with the intermediate support of the drive shaft. It is composed of a support frame, a bearing and a rubber bearing.

The drive shaft is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. The telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the distance between the transmission and the drive axle. The universal joint ensures the change of the Angle between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle shaft, and realizes the constant angular speed transmission of the two shafts. Universal joint cross shafts, cross shafts and flange forks, etc. The universal joint of the transmission shaft used by the steyr series heavy vehicles adopts the roller cross shaft bearing, matched with the short and thick cross shaft, which can deliver a greater rotation distance. The end face of the bearing is provided with butterfly spring for tightening the roller. A reinforced nylon gasket with spiral grooves is added to the end face of the cross shaft to prevent sintering during power transfer at large angles or large rotation distances.

The traditional structure of the transmission shaft telescopic sleeve is to weld the spline sleeve and flange fork together, and the spline shaft is welded on the transmission shaft tube. GWB's drive shaft has changed the traditional structure, welding the spline sleeve and drive shaft tube as one, spline shaft and flange bifurcated as one. The rectangular spline is replaced by involute short tooth spline with high pressure Angle, which not only improves the strength, but also facilitates extrusion forming, and meets the needs of high torque working conditions. The tooth surface of the telescopic sleeve and spline shaft is coated with a layer of nylon, which not only increases the wear resistance and self-lubrication, but also reduces the damage of the impact load on the transmission shaft, and improves the buffer capacity.

This type of drive shaft in the flanged spline shaft outside the increase of a tubular sealing protective sleeve, in the end of the protective sleeve is provided with two polyurethane rubber oil seal, so that the retractable sleeve formed a completely sealed factory space, so that the retractable spline shaft is not corroded by external sand and dust. Not only dust, but also rust. Therefore, spline shaft and sleeve in the assembly process of one-time smear grease, can fully meet the use requirements, do not need to install nozzle lubrication, reduce the maintenance content.

The drive shaft is a rotating body with high speed and little support, and its dynamic balance is very important. Under normal circumstances, the drive shaft must pass the dynamic balance test before leaving the factory, and be adjusted on the balancing machine. Therefore, a set of drive shafts shipped from the factory should be paid special attention to in use.

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