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Analyze the reasons for the damage of the lower transmission shaft center hanger
发布时间:2022.05.19 新闻来源:邢台远拓汽车零部件制造有限公司

There are many reasons for the damage of automobile transmission shaft hanger. Next, let's analyze how to avoid this problem:

(1) The hanger bearing is damaged due to the lack of lubricating oil in the bearing, resulting in increased wear or ablation and looseness of the bearing, or due to disrepair for a long time, the bearing outer diameter and seat hole are loose, the rubber ring around the bearing seat is broken or falls off, resulting in the runout of the transmission shaft in the melting frame, resulting in the fracture of the lower half of the service frame, the fracture of bolts and the fracture of bolt joints, etc.

(2) The damage of transmission shaft components is caused by the deformation of front and rear transmission shafts, universal joint uranium fork, joint flange fork and expansion joint keyway shaft, resulting in axis swing difference during the transmission of the whole transmission shaft; OTA universal joint is excessively worn and loose due to lack of lubricating oil; Or due to the increased wear and looseness between the sliding keyway and the groove of the expansion joint. Make the clearance of the whole transmission shaft increase and produce axis shimmy during transmission, and the lower part of the central hanger is broken due to its long-term impact.

(3) The transmission shaft center hanger of the truck has maintained the bearing punch (tile frame) type towel center support on the central beam since the 1940s, and the material is cast from malleable cast iron (Maanshan Steel). The hanger of this structure is only suitable for low tonnage weight cutting vehicles (some transmission shaft center supports in recent generations are made of rolled steel plate and welded, which are sleeved in the middle beam, which is safer). The cast hanger is easy to produce fracture layer due to improper process, loose metal or pores, brittle material, etc. During the warranty installation of the central hanger, due to the improper method of fastening bolts, the hanger or hanger cover is not installed evenly and balanced, so that the hanger or hanger cover is warped and broken due to stress concentration at a certain point, resulting in the fracture of the hanger.

As long as there is one of several factors causing the damage of the transmission shaft center hanger, it will cause immeasurable loss to the vehicle. Therefore, the inspection and adjustment of the transmission part shall be emphasized during the regular maintenance or warranty of the vehicle.

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