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How to judge whether the transmission shaft is worn
发布时间:2022.05.19 新闻来源:邢台远拓汽车零部件制造有限公司

The lifting glue of the transmission shaft of the original vehicle is not easy to be damaged, but the lifting glue of the transmission shaft is easy to be damaged under the condition of unreasonable driving. So how to correctly judge the wear of the suspension rubber of the transmission shaft? Now, let's give you a brief introduction by YUANTUO Xiaobian:

There are two kinds of rubber suspension bearings for transmission shaft, one kind of single-sided rubber and one kind of double-sided rubber. Rodeo loading parts are double-sided and pickup trucks are single-sided, but both are useful for Rodeo's later maintenance and replacement, and those who sell accessories often use the single-sided pickup truck to recharge. I heard sgnikon that the imported hanger is also single-sided, but I haven't seen it. Generally speaking, there must be some open space on both sides. With the use of open space, it will increase a little. The open space on one side is small, but in the past, many students reported that the quality of domestic one side is poor and can't be used.

In addition, the damage of the rubber suspension of the automobile transmission shaft can be heard from the sound. There will be a "grunt" sound on the site when driving at low speed in gear 1 and gear 2, which is more obvious when driving along the wall. It is easy to be covered up by other noises after high speed, so we should pay attention to avoid unnecessary damage to the car.

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